In this part of the website we provide information that you might like to know if you’re new to our church.

For example, there’s a brief explanation of Our Beliefs. We don’t really have a list of particular things we’re all expected to believe. But we do have a set of principles and a covenant that indicate what we value and how we think we ought to live. We also have a mission and vision that provide a kind of moral compass for the institution as a whole.

There’s information in this section about Our Minister, the Reverend Kate R. Walker, and about Our Staff, the people who guide our outstanding program.

We are also very proud of our sustainable energy program, which combines solar panels with geothermal heating and cooling.

You may be interested in What Members Say about the church. These statements come mostly from the brief testimonials that church members have offered from the pulpit.

This section also information about the History of this church community. It tells of ways to Learn More About Us and gives Directions for how to get to the church.

Mount Vernon Unitarian Church is a proud member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) and an active presence in our local community. We seek a moral, religious, and ethical experience as a community and individually, and to provide a foundation for our children in which they can grow and learn as thoughtful and principled members of society.

MVUC enjoys a rich worship environment, a dynamic religious education program for all ages, a wide range of adult activities, a strong social justice program, and a variety of opportunities to enjoy music and the arts.

The many interests and project groups at MVUC provide opportunities to get to know each other in large and small ways. For example, every November, the Holiday Shop opens its doors to the public for a day of shopping for unique crafts, homemade chutneys and baked goods, and taking a chance on winning the quilt displayed in the Chapel. Our annual Used Book Sale is well known among collectors, dealers, and bargain hunters throughout Northern Virginia.

Our varied music programs–choral, classical, jazz, folk, country, and pop–attract music lovers of all ages. Groups interested in books, poetry, and other forms of the arts find a home at MVUC.

Our beautiful and historic (pre-American Revolution) grounds – certified as a Green Sanctuary and as a Wildlife Preserve – provide a perfect setting for contemplation and to enjoy nature. The boxwood garden is a favorite site for weddings and special events in fine weather, and Hollin Hall and the Chapel can be used for events any time of year.

Dancing Stars Quilt

Please scan our web site to learn more about Mount Vernon Unitarian Church and what makes us a unique congregation among Alexandria VA churches. Contact us at any time with your questions, and by all means, come to visit and get to know our very active and involved community. We are your friends and neighbors; we hope that you will want to get to know us as a caring fellowship, and join us in encouraging all souls to grow in harmony.