Provide leadership and organizational support for the member groups. Provide the Program Council with information on group activities/needs and provide the groups with information from the Program Council. Provide management oversight for functions related to operation and maintenance of the property of the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church (MVUC), including:


·         Buildings and Grounds Committee

·         Greenhouse Group

·         Memorial Walks Committee

·         MVUC/Preschool Playground Committee

·         Rental Events Coordinator

·         Property Manager


The Property Council is a standing committee that is represented on the Program Council.


The Property Council is composed of six voting members and three non-voting members.


Voting Members:

·         Property Council Coordinator

·         Greenhouse Group Coordinator

·         Memorial Walks Chair

·         MVUC/ Preschool Playground Representative

·         Buildings and Grounds Committee (two representatives) Non-voting Members:

·         Property Manager

·         Rental Events Coordinator

·         Fort Hunt Pre-School Representative


The Coordinator of the Property Council is selected by the Nominating Committee and elected at the Annual Congregational meeting for a two-year renewable term.


The Property Council meets quarterly.  Meetings are open.





The Property Council is chartered to:


·         Provide management oversight to the various groups under its aegis:


o   Memorial Walks Committee – Provides an enduring memorial area on the MVUC grounds devoted to members, their spouses, life partners, and immediate family members. The Board of Trustees has granted authority to The Memorial Walks Committee for all decisions related to maintaining and upgrading the memorial walks areas.

o   Greenhouse Group – Operates year-round to raise and nurture plants and maintains the greenhouse.  Offers plants for sale to the community beginning each spring.                                                                                                          The Greenhouse uses a revolving fund to finance continuing operations with income derived from sales.

o   MVUC/Preschool Playground Committee – Works to enhance and maintain the church playground areas.

o   Rental Events Coordinator – Manages rentals for use of the MVUC buildings and property including the Chapel, Commons, and Hollin Hall.

o   Buildings and Grounds Committee (see separate charter)

o   Property Manager – works with Buildings and Grounds Committee and Property Council to ensure coordination.


·         Review recommendations for expenditure of Property Major Maintenance (PMM) funds over

$10,000 and submit recommended actions to the Board of Trustees.

·         Record all major Property Council decisions, including votes on contracts and expenditures, in minutes of meetings that are available to the congregation.

·         Serve on the Program Council as the liaison for constituent groups.

·         Keep groups apprised of church developments and needs.

·         Work with Chairs to ensure their annual plans of activities are working.

·         Submit budget requests on behalf of the property organizations.

·         Prepare a Property Council Annual Report for inclusion in the MVUC Annual Report.


MVUC’s Property Manager approves expenditures up to $500. The Buildings and Grounds Committee representative and the Church Administrator approve expenditures over $500 but less than $10,000 from the annual Property Maintenance budget allocations. The Property Council reviews expenditures of $10,000 or more from either Property Maintenance budget allocations or from the Property Major Maintenance Fund (PMM). Proposed expenditures from PMM over $10,000 will go through the Property Council to the BOT for approval.



APPROVED:  BOT Meeting    DATE: October 13,2015
Primary authors of this charter:  Wendy Burns, Elizabeth Peebles, Leah Choudhury