Note: Reports and documents related to these minutes are forthcoming.


Board members present:                                                        

Pam Koger-Jesup, Board Chair

John Henrehan, Vice Board Chair

Sally Lindfors, Secretary        

Tony Barkume, Program Council Co-Convener

Sarah Soulliere. Program Council Co-Convener

Helen Kitrosser, Youth Member

Richard Roesel

Amy Venzke


Others present:

Rev. Kate Walker, Minister

Carol Graves, MVUC Administrator

Keith Brophy. Webmaster

Bill Cassidy. Communications Coordinator


Board members absent:

Kelly Campbell

Ken Pilkenton


Pam called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm. Rev. Kate read “For a Sweet Minute,” by Kate McIntosh, from Falling Into the Sky: A Meditation Anthology, edited by Abhimanyu Janamanchi.


Consensus Items (October 2015 meeting minutes, Administrator’s report, Program Council report, Minister’s report, and Financial Reports).

Items approved unanimously.


Preview of MVUC’s New Website, Keith Brophy and Bill Cassidy

Keith presented the main features of the new website that he is developing. He aims to provide a cleaner aesthetic, with an attractive header and plenty of photos that link to related information. The new website will display more clearly on smart-phones and be easier to navigate. Bill Cassidy said that groups will be able to input information about their own activities and include hash-tags that will enable automatic production of the Friday email newsletter. Discussion and questions focused on a moderator for the entries, providing a link to the Facebook page, and suggestions for the home page design and color.


Document Retention Policy Draft (document attached)

Questions related to Ken’s policy draft centered on how electronic documents would be stored; whether or not they would be searchable; and which documents would be storied and for how long. The Board will vote on approving the document retention policy at the December meeting.


Finance Policy Changes (document attached)

Joan Darrah provided detailed proposals for redistributing the tasks that had been assigned to the now-disbanded Resources Council.

Richard moved and John seconded acceptance of these proposals; the motion carried.


Rental Rate Review Update, Carol Graves (document attached)

Carol reported that she and Amanda Casey, the rental events coordinator, had carefully reviewed the rental rates and determined that they did not require a revision at this time. There has been an increase in revenue from yoga class rentals. A $275 arithmetical correction will be made to the report.



Loan Transition Task Force Update, Richard Roesel

Richard reported that the task force has begun exploration and evaluations of several financing options, comparing external versus internal financing possibilities. Burke & Herbert appears to provide the best commercial rate for a mortgage. Other financing options include borrowing from the Endowment Fund or developing a mix of a mortgage and borrowing from the Fund. John pointed out that the church does not have enough annual revenue to make substantial mortgage payments and that it might be possible to draw four percent annually from the Endowment Fund after its anticipated enlargement. John also suggested the possibility of borrowing from church members and repaying at four percent over 25 years, an option that would avoid the substantial cost and possible terms (such as prepayment penalties) of setting up a mortgage with a financial institution. The line of credit does not have to be converted until October of 2016, but Carol pointed out that the Finance Committee needs to start planning next year’s budget in February and will need to know the implications of the task force’s conversion strategy.


Instructions to the Nominating Committee, Pam

Pam reported that the chair of the Nominating Committee has resigned, so the committee needs to select a new chair and find a fifth committee member. She suggested and Board members agreed that the next group of nominees should receive more detailed and explicit descriptions of Board members’ responsibilities, especially because first-year members need to take on such jobs as Vice Chair and Program Council Co-Convener in anticipation of taking over those positions in their second year on the Board.


Staff Hours for 12/24 and 12/31

A brief discussion focused on whether to allow full-time staff members a half-day holiday on 12/24 and 12/31 this year. Tony moved and Sally seconded allowing half-day holidays to full-time employees on 12/24 and 12/31 this year; the motion carried. The Board also discussed limiting a rollover of unused annual leave to two weeks. Kate has proposed that changes about rollover leave be made to the employee handbook. The Personnel Committee and Kate will return to the Board with proposed Handbook changes. In anticipation of their possible acceptance by the Board, Kate has discussed this possibility with employees who have already accumulated more than two weeks of leave.


Unannounced New Business

Carol reported that Fort Hunt Preschool would like to go over its rental agreement and documents at the December Board meeting.

Alice King brought treats as the meeting closed.


MVUC Covenant

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Sally Lindfors, Secretary


Note: Related documents and reports will be included with this document on the MVUC website and in the document sent to Carol.