Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria, VA is a “congregational” church, meaning that we are self-governed. The following are the minutes from the June 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting


Meeting Minutes
Board of Trustees of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church
14 June 2016

Board members present: Board members absent:
Pam Koger-Jesup, Board Chair Ken Pilkenton
John Henrehan, Board Vice Chair Sally Lindfors
Tony Barkume, Program Council Co-Convener
Helen Kitrosser
Sarah Soulliere, Program Council Co-Convener
Kelly Campbell
Richard Roesel
Amy Venzke
Others present:
Rev. Kate Walker, Minister
Carol Graves, Administrator
Alice King, Intern Minister
Oscar Castro, Finance Committee
Caroline Dunlea, Incoming Board Member
Bill Gleason, Incoming Board Member
Jeanne Tift, Incoming Board Member

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm. Rev. Kate shared a reading and a moment of silence
was observed in memory of those lost in the Orlando shooting on Sunday, June 12.
Election of Officers for Next Year’s BOT
• Jeanne Tift agreed to be a Program Council co-convenor, and Sarah agreed to continue as co-convenor
• Tony Barkume agreed to be the Board representative to the Personnel Advisory Committee. John Henrehan moved to select Tony for this position. Amy seconded. Motion approved unanimously.
• John Henrehan agreed to continue as Board liaison to the Finance Committee
• Bill Gleason requested to be a Board liaison to the Stewardship Committee
• Doug MacCleery had previously agreed to be Board Chair
• Carolyn Dunlea agreed to be Board Vice Chair
• A Secretary is still needed for next year’s Board
• Discussion of planning of ingathering
• A Board member to specialize in policies and bylaws would also be helpful Consensus Items (May meeting minutes, administrator’s report, minister’s report, DLSG reports, program council report)
• Items approved unanimously Possible Revision of April Meeting Minutes
• Motion to revise April meeting minutes to indicate, in the section regarding the preschool lease: It was the sense of the Board that Carol attempt to include the Roesel amendment to the proposed lease, but failing to win approval on that, she should go ahead and complete the agreement (this amendment was added at the June 2016 meeting). John motioned to include this revision in the April minutes. Sarah seconded. Motion passed with three yeas, two nays, and one abstention.

Intern Minister – Focused Initiative and Weddings
• Intern Minister Alice King presented a proposal for her focused initiative for her internship for next year related to the topic of racism and racial justice. In the exploration of this topic, connections to art and the artistic community will also be explored. Some feedback to improve program effectiveness was offered

• Rev. Kate requested that the Board officially authorize Intern Minister King to perform weddings. John motioned that the Board authorize intern minister Alice King to officiate weddings. Tony seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Rental Times Update
• Fairfax County’s sound ordinance requires that sound not go over 55 decibels after 11pm
on Friday and Saturday nights. They will come take a measurement as a baseline.

UUA President Nomination
• We have been asked to support the petition that Jeanne Pupke has put forth to run for president of the UUA.
• Rev. Kate indicated she knows Jeanne Pupke, and although she has not worked with her directly, attests to her good character
• Other candidates will be also be considered for UUA president
• Each candidate needs the support of a number of UU churches
• John motioned that MVUC nominate Jeanne Pupke as a candidate for the office of president of the UUA, as specified in the congregational nomination form. Kelly seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Quarterly Financial Review, Oscar Castro
• We had a $22,000 deficit in the month of May, in part because staff are paid on a biweekly basis and there were three pay periods in May
• For the year, we appear to be close to hitting the targeted budget
• We are not expected to end the year with more than a $6000 deficit
• April was a good month for the Endowment Fund
• Finance committee still needs to follow through with renewing the line of credit
Mission and Vision Update, Rev. Kate and Richard
• Sue and Howard Lamp facilitated two appreciative inquiry sessions to get input from congregation members. Contributors were largely satisfied with the mission and vision, but some small adjustments have been proposed. A congregational meeting with a yay or nay vote will be held in the fall to accept or reject the revised mission and vision. This vote will be held after a sermon that Rev. Kate will present exploring the mission and vision as well as the proposed changes. The Board discussed the merits and pitfalls of such a meeting and vote.
• John suggested this should not be grounds for a special congregational meeting
• Tony agreed and suggested this should be postponed to the annual meeting in May 2017
• Rev. Kate assured she will be sure to prepare the congregation to vote on this item
• Richard asserted that the congregation already had a chance to provide input on the mission and vision at focus groups held in April and May.
• Richard also noted that his motion for a congregational vote of approval was intended to allow for the possibility that, under normal parliamentary rules of procedure, those at the meeting could make motions to amend the proposed mission and vision statement
• Richard motioned that the Board approve the convening of the congregation for a meeting on September 18th to vote on congregational approval of the revised mission and vision statement. Tony seconded. Discussion followed concerning possibly changing the date of the meeting and tying it to covenant. Notice to be published in the August newsletter. Motion passed with 5 yeas, 1 nay, and 1 abstension.
Update on Status of Pillars and Foundations Plan
• Postponed to July meeting to allow for Board members to read report thoroughly and invite Bill Clontz to meeting

Membership Category Assignment
• 7 members recommended to be moved to category of “Member Emeritus”
• These members cannot fulfill all membership requirements but due to long history of service to Mount Vernon Unitarian Church, should be considered members
• No one has discussed this change with these members, but the letter being sent to these members gives them a chance to accept or decline this distinction
• The objective is to recognize these members’ contributions while giving them flexibility with membership requirements in bylaws
• This category of membership is considered an honor
• Tony motioned to accept the slate of Members Emeritus as submitted by the Membership Development Council. Richard seconded. Alice will bring the Board’s input about this distinction to the Council. Motion passed unanimously.

Recap of Board Retreat
• Postponed to July; Rev. Kate suggested to set aside some time before the next meeting to review the minutes from the retreat (i.e. 7-7:30pm)

Unannounced New Business
• Board Coffee Hour date will be decided via email
• Carol forwarded an email regarding terrorism risk at MVUC that needs to be considered
• Proposal that coffee hour volunteerism be an expectation of memberships
• July meeting – officer elections to be made official, but there is no quorum for a meeting.
Discussion of conducting votes by phone.

MVUC Convenant
Meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Kelly Campbell, Board of Trustees Member