Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church November 8th, 2016


Board members present:

Doug MacCleery -Board Chair

Tony Barkume – Board Rep to Personnel Advisory John Henrehan – Board Liaison to Finance

Jeanne Tifft – Program Council Co-Convener Helen Kitrosser -Youth Member

Pam Koger-Jessup -Past Board Chair

Sarah Soulliere -Program  Council Co-Convener


Board members absent:

Carolyn Dunlea -Board Vice Chair (While on a work trip out of town, Carolyn observed the meeting via an internet link.)

Amy Venzke – Secretary

Bill Gleason -Board Liaison to Stewardship


Others Present:

Kate Walker – Minister

Carol Graves – Church Administrator Alice King -Intern Minister


Meeting convened at 7:32 pm when a quorum of Board members was reached. Kate shared the reading “Prayer for a Country in Crisis” by Bruce M. Clary.

Discussion and Action on Reports in the Consent Agenda (Note: the DLSG report was not submitted):

Program Council Report-Pam K. suggested that the developers of the new Universal Coffee Service provide some additional language that each week’s designated organizer could use to explain to the rest of that week’s volunteers the importance of the volunteering effort and an overview of the various tasks that need to be completed each week beyond bringing snacks. (This language would supplement the complete set of coffee hour instructions that are now sent to each week’s designated organizer.)

Administrator’s Report-Concerning the breakdown of the geothermal system used to heat the staff offices, Carol G. additionally reported that space heaters are being provided to church staff until the system is repaired or replaced.

Financial Reports-John H. wanted it to be noted that so far this church year the excess of  spending over revenue this year has averaged about $4,000 per month. It was also mentioned that this figure does not reflect the planned transfer of $30,000 from the Endowment Committee as well as expected revenue from fundraisers, such as the book sale, that occur later in the church year.

Minister’s Report-Kate reminded Board members that her report included possible dates of a meeting with the congregation on congregational growth; Kate will send a meeting Doodle to board members.


The Consent Agenda was approved unanimously.


Finalizing  the Board  of Trustee Goals  for the Church Year: The current  proposal  for statement of these goals (see below) was reviewed. Jean T. moved and Pam K. seconded that the statement be adopted by the Board; the motion was approved by all.

Board  Champions  for the  BoT Goals: The following designations  were  agreed to:

Healthier Financial Policy-all BoT members are expected to contribute to this goal. Congregational Growth-John H. and Doug M. will be the co-Champions.

Evolve Leadership Process-Pam K. and Bill G. will be the co-Champions.

Support Strong Outreach and Communications-Jeanne T. and Carolyn D. will be the co­ Champions.

Review of Draft Charter for the Fiscal Review Task Force to Review the Pillars and Foundations  Report (see attachment below):

Pam K. suggested that additional language be inserted in the Objectives section for the Task Force to study how well MVUC did in implementing the recommendations made in the Pillars and Foundation Report; here is the suggested language, to be inserted as the second sentence of the Objective Section: “The task force will do a review of the performance of the recommendations made by the Pillars and Foundations Task Force, recognizing the unanticipated events not considered in the Task Force report.” The Board approved this additional  language.

There was also Board discussion in requesting dates for deliverables from the Task Force. Since the Task Force is supposed to have recommendations that include “short-term considerations bearing on the 201 7-2018 budget” some of the deliverables should be made before finalizing the 2017-2018 church budget.


Developing Ideas for new Fund  Raisers:Kate proposed  that the Board  organize a meeting after  a second service to lay out the challenge of developing fundraisers that would meet our $5,000 budget goals to interested members of the congregation, and then solicit ideas and/or  participation by members. Doug M. will plan for such a meeting for a Sunday  in  December.


Possible Mount Vernon Unitarian Church projects with ICNA Mosque: Doug M. reported that a meeting between MVUC and TNCA members November 21 to discuss ideas for possible joint activities. Doug distributed a handout of possible projects proposed by an INCA member.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Download the attached minutes for complete council and commitee reports.