Mount Vernon Unitarian Church Charter of the Committee on Ministry

  1. Purpose

The purpose of the Committee is to provide advice and counsel to the Minister, the Board of Trustees, and the congregation so as to strengthen the quality of ministry within the congregation. For this purpose, Ministry is defined as the spiritual and emotional health of the community in holding to its vision.

Recognizing the congregation as a whole system, rather than fragmented parts, we strive to support the overall health and well being of the community and its members. In addition to the professional minister(s), we honor ministry as an ethic of care for which all members bear some responsibility. To that end, we offer this committee to help achieve the Mission and Covenant of Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church.

  1. Type of Committee and Program Area

This is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees.

  1. Membership

The Committee is appointed by the Board of Trustees in mutually respectful consultation with the Minister(s). The Committee shall consist of six members. Members of the Committee shall each have been a member of the church for at least three years, and have the full confidence of both the Board of Trustees and the congregation. Candidates for membership may be recommended by the Board of Trustees, the Minister, or self-nominated. The Chair of the Committee, 90 days prior, will notify the BOT Chair of which positions need to be refilled. The members of the Committee serve for two-year terms (renewable), with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Membership terms shall be established so terms will overlap. At least two members of the Committee shall be replaced annually. In the interests of sharing responsibility, Board of Trustee members shall not serve concurrently on both the Board and the Committee. Attendance, other than by members, at the meetings of the Committee shall be by prior arrangement.

  1. Chairperson

The Committee chair shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees for a one-year term.

  1. Duties
  • a) Using discretion, strengthen the quality and effectiveness of ministry within the congregation. This includes serving as a support/advisory group for the Minister(s) and acting as a channel of communications between the Minister(s) and congregation when necessary.
  • b) Assist the Board of Trustees and congregation in defining the mission and goals of the ministry of MVUC; regularly assess and redefine the effectiveness of our shared ministry.
  • c) Educate and inform the congregation as to the nature and scope of the work of the Minister(s), including clarification of the roles, expectations, and boundaries for the Minister(s) and congregants.
  • d) Work with Minister(s) on a continuing education program, sabbatical planning (or other professional development) and advocate when necessary such plans to the Board of Trustees, the Minister(s), and the congregation.
  • e) Submit an annual report to the congregation in time for the Annual Meeting, and report to the Board of Trustees as required.
  • f) Recommend a mutually agreed-upon, effective process making annual evaluations on alternate years of both the Minister(s) and the ministry of the whole congregation in consultation and respectful collaboration with the Board of Trustees; take primary responsibility for its implementation once this process is established.
  1. Authority Delegated or Retained

No authorities are delegated.

  1. Annual Assessment

The Committee will assess its activities on an annual basis and will review this charter annually to reassess its adequacy and to recommend any proposed changes, or no requested changes, to the Board of Trustees.

Primary author(s) of the charter: Mike Walker, Carolyn Slenska, Jane Nelson, Marty Bredeck. Rev. Kate Walker, Reid Adler

Date this charter was reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees: October, 2012.