Communications Council Charter of the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria VA

  1. Purposes

The Communications Council (COMCON) is charged with developing, implementing, and coordinating the following functional areas at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church:

  • Overall planning and coordination for communications
  • Direction of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church communications functions
  • Coordination and submission of budget requests
  • Active coordination with key stakeholders at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church
  • Reporting responsibilities as directed
  1. Type of Council and Program Area

The Chair of the Communications Council is a member of the Program Council.

  1. Membership

Members of the committee include the volunteers responsible for communication channels and tasks plus individuals with professional and/or technical knowledge and experience. Members are appointed by the Committee Chair. The Church Administrator is an ex-officio voting member.

  1. Functional Areas and Responsibilities
  2. Website

The Council is responsible for the design, maintenance of the website, as well as standards, quality control, and operation of the site.

  1. Internal Communications

The Council is responsible for the publication, coordination and quality of internal communications media (This Week at MVUC, The Windmill, Weekly Bulletin).

  1. Media and Outreach

The Council is responsible for establishing procedures and maintaining links with local print and broadcast media, as well as developing, maintaining, and executing a community outreach plan.

The Council sets goals for local media coverage, and coverage in Joseph Priestley District/Unitarian Universalist Association media.

The Council assists in telling the MVUC story internally and externally.

The Council develops and ensures compliance with guidelines as to authority to publish any material in MVUC publication, whether in print or online.

  1. Chairperson

The Communications Council Chair, who serves a two-year renewable term, is appointed initially by the Board of Trustees (BOT). Thereafter, the Chair will be selected as reflected in the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church Bylaws.

  1. Additional activities and responsibilities


In addition to and in compliance with the duties described above, the Communications Council shall:


  • Review all official communication media used by the church and advise on making them as well-coordinated and effective as possible
  • Establish appropriate coordination with informal media that are or may be perceived as being connected to Mount Vernon Unitarian Church
  • Make policy consistent with this charter and bylaw authorities; make recommendations to appropriate authority in all other cases


  1. Authority Delegated or Retained

The Board of Trustees retains responsibility for all policy decisions not articulated in this charter or specifically granted by the Board of Trustees or the Program Council, and for any financial decisions not pre-approved.

  1. Annual Plan and Assessment; Recruiting and Community

The Council shall meet at least once during each quarter of the Church year, and approve a written plan with priorities for Council activities that is consistent with its charter and supports the mission, vision and goals of the Church. This annual plan shall be provided to the Program Council by Sept. 1 of each Church year. The Council also shall assess its activities, budget and charter on an annual basis, and provide an annual report and any recommendations to the Program Council by March 1 of each Church year. The Council shall seek to build community through its membership recruiting.


Primary author: William Cassidy, adapted from an earlier charter by Bill Clontz (2010)

Date this charter was approved by the Program Council; May 11, 2010

Date this charter was approved by the Board of Trustees: June 8, 2010

Date this charter was revised and approved by the Program Council: May 20, 2013

Date this charter was revised and approved by the Program Council: February 27, 2017