Be it resolved that Mount Vernon Unitarian Church advocates for measures that treat all immigrants, regardless of legal status, justly and humanely, and for an immigration policy that includes the following elements:

– A path to citizenship or legal permanent residency for those already in a country legally or illegally, as well as for those wanting to enter a country;
– Work visas that allow employment and that
– Require the same worker protections applicable to citizens including fair wages, safe and healthful environments, and receipt of benefits;
– Do not depend on a single employer;
– Allow multiple entries;
– Permit entry into the path for citizenship; and
– Provide parity between the number of visas and the work available in the receiving nation.
– Access to the same medical care and education available to citizens;
– Evaluation of human and environmental costs of proposed barriers to immigration or other changes in immigration policy;
– Due process under the law including representation, rights of appeal, and the right to initiate suits;
– Non-deportation of parents with dependent children or partners of documented residents;
– Provision of asylum for refugees and others in fear of violence or retribution; and
– Collaboration with source countries to address underlying causes contributing to immigration.