Board of Trustees of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church

Board members present:

Carolyn Dunlea – Board Chair

Doug MacCleery – Outgoing Board Chair

Marty Bredeck – Vice Chair

Bill Gleason – Board Liaison to Stewardship

John Henrehan – Board Liaison to Finance

Becky Brandt – Secretary

Carl Lohmann – Board Co-Liaison to Finance

Helen Kafka – Program Council Co-Convener

Jeanne Tifft — Program Council Convener

Board Members absent:

Malcolm Kerr – Youth Member


Others Present:

Diana Herriman

Howard Lamb


Doug MacCleery convened the meeting at 7:30 pm.

Carolyn shared a chalice lighting to open the meeting.

Consensus Items (June meeting minutes, administrator’s report, financial report) were approved unanimously.


Doug MacCleery asked that discussion will follow regarding the budget surplus of $5,455.75 for this fiscal year.

After brief discussion on the year-end budget surplus, Marty moved that this surplus go to the property major maintenance fund, John seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Election of BOT officers

A proposed Slate of Officers was presented for consideration:

  • Carolyn Dunlea – Board Chair
  • Marty Bredeck – Vice Chair
  • Becky Brandt – Secretary


John Henrehan moved that the slate of nominees be approved, seconded by Bill Gleason, and was carried unanimously.


Evolving partnership between MVUC and ICNA Mosque

Diana Herriman provided the Board with information regarding the partnership between MVUC and the ICNA Mosque:


There have been 10 major efforts over the past two years (including):

  • Combatting Islamophobia seminar
  • Participation in Open Mosque Day
  • Collaboration on MVUC’s hosting of Blood Drive
  • Participation in the celebration of the end Ramadan
  • Collaborated on VIC/HOP dinners and overnights
  • Held a Repair Café together
  • Participated in the ICNA Picnic at Fort Hunt park
  • Participated in Food Pantry distributions


In addition there are a few upcoming events of note:

  • August 12th –Backpack/School supplies distribution
  • October 8th – Possible Worship Service on Social Justice / Interfaith Partnerships
  • October 14th – MVUC/ICNA Potluck dinner with speaker


Diana mentioned that there is a monthly planning meeting between representatives of MVUC and ICNA to discuss joint efforts. This meeting is open to all.


Appointment of Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Program Council Convener

A proposed slate of candidates was presented for consideration for treasurer, assistant treasurer and program council conveners:

  • Treasurer – Oscar Castro
  • Assistant Treasurer – Liz Campbell
  • Program Council Convener – Jeanne Tifft
  • Program Council Co-Convener – Helen Kafka


The appointment of the slate of candidates was moved by Doug MacCleery, seconded by Marty Bredeck, and was approved unanimously.


Additional roles for Board Members

Some specialized BOT roles were identified as follows:

  • Personnel liaison – Doug MacCleery
  • Finance Committee liaison – John Henrehan and Carl Lohmann
  • Kornfeld Estate liaison – Doug MacCleery and Becky Brandt
  • Ingathering – Carl Lohmann and Malcolm Kerr


Discussion of Board Goals and Champions

Carolyn Dunlea reviewed the suggested Board Priorities that were considered at the BOT retreat:


  1. Continued focus on strengthening MVUC’s financial health

Champions: Carolyn and Carl (work with Finance and Stewardship)

  1. Hear report of fiscal review of P&F report and determine outcome of recommendations


  1. Expand and enhance communications

Champions: Carolyn and Jeanne (work with Communications Council)

  1. Outreach to/attraction of larger community
  2. Serve community
  3. Attract rentals
  4. Website new host; use UUA platform theme;


  1. Continued focus on congregational membership and stewardship growth

Champions: Becky and John (work with Membership Council and Stewardship Committee)

  1. Social media target advertising
  2. Establish TF to review/identify recommend activities from Kate’s workshop
  3. Maintain quality of MVUC experience of current members


  1. Expand leadership pool among new and current members

Champion: Marty and Bill (work with Membership Council)

  1. New member package
  2. Volunteer coordination
  3. Task Force on engaging new members


  1. Ensure that actions are in place to support MVUC/UUA’s Statement of Conscience

Champion: Doug and Bill and Helen (working with Social Justice Council)


Living Our Values — Putting Actions behind the Declaration of Conscience

Proposed Actions:

  • Become actively involved in Virginia elections and redistricting
  • Increase MVUC involvement in, and commitment to, VOICE
  • Support/sponsor an immigrant family
  • Set up a racial justice task force
  • Explore MVUC becoming a sanctuary church
  • Become more active in the climate change fight
  • Be more proactive in attracting people of color to MVUC
  • Reach out to specific local area churches to partner on social justice issues.

(Suggestions include: Bethlehem Baptist Church on Fordson Road and Hope United Church of Christ on Old Telegraph Road)


Board members were asked to look these over before the next Board meeting during which any revisions or additions will be considered and a vote will be taken on the goals for 2017-2018.


Carolyn Dunlea and Doug MacCleery presented a list of possible BOT tasks for consideration for the upcoming year (see Appendix).


Carolyn Dunlea presented a demonstration of “Slack” software which can be used for discussions and communication by BOT members between meetings.


Carolyn Dunlea shared a “Thank you” from Pam Tinker for donations from Board Members for the use of Wolf Run for the Board retreat.


Gertrude Kornfeld Estate update

MVUC is now the title holder for two of the three properties the third is in the process of being transferred. John Henrehan mentioned that now that MVUC is the title holder we ought to purchase insurance on the properties until they are sold.


Becky Brandt will be attending a meeting with Joan Darrah & Birgit Robbert on Thursday, July 13th and will provide an update to the BOT.


New business

Helen Kafka brought up a question regarding the posting of BOT minutes on the MVUC website. Carolyn stated that she would work with Keith Brophy, web curator, to post prior meeting minutes. Becky Brandt was asked to include Keith Brophy in the distribution of future BOT minutes for posting.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,


Becky Brandt, Board of Trustees Member