Meeting Minutes

Board of Trustees of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church 19 January 2016

Board members present:

Pam Koger-Jesup, Board Chair

John Henrehan, Vice Board Chair

Sally Lindfors, Secretary

Tony Barkume, Program Council Co-Convener

Sarah Soulliere. Program Council Co-Convener

Ken Pilkenton

Richard Roesel

Amy Venzke


Others present:

Rev. Kate Walker, Minister

Oscar Castro, Treasurer

Alice King, Ministerial Intern

Ann Richards, LSG Director

Wendy Burns


Board members absent:

Kelly Campbell

Helen Kitrosser, Youth Member


Pam called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm. Alice read a reflection and lit the chalice.


AGENDA -­‐ MVUC BOT Meeting – January 19, 2016

7:30 PM


Time Topic Type Facilitator( s)
7:00 30 min. reading time
7:30 Welcome – call to order Pam
7:32 Reflection – chalice lighting Kate
7:35 Consent Agenda Review and Approval: December Meeting Minutes

Program Council Report Minister’s Report (not attached) Administrator’s Report

Action Pam
7:40 Appointment of Bonnie Iredell as coordinator of Our Home Community Action Tony
7:45 Fort Hunt Preschool Lease Info Ann, Wendy, Ken, Richard
8:15 Quarterly Financial review Info Oscar
8:30 Review of Commons Loan Construction Line of Credit Refinancing Options (attachment) Info Oscar
8:40 Silent Auction update Info Kelly
8:45 Review of Yoga class rental rates Action Pam
8:50 Email/IT Update/Privacy issues Info Carol
8:55 Coffee hour volunteers Info Pam
8:57 Unannounced New Business Info Pam
9:00 MVUC Covenant and Adjournment

BOT  Priorities 2015-­16

  1. Ensure continued financial health of MVUC
  2. Plan and host 60th Anniversary celebration -­‐   DONE
  3. Implement 2 of dashboard and establish electronic data storage/access
  4. Design and implement a process to assess mission and vision -­‐ IN PROGRESS


MVUC Governance Calendar

Month Task Notes
November Membership letters sent NLT Nov. 15 (Membership Council)* Done
Nominating Committee timeline confirmation (NomComm/BOT)* Done
December Semi-­‐annual Endowment Fund report (Endowment/BOT)* Done
Set dates for BOT retreat, identify locations and facilitators Begun
January Quarterly financial review (Finance/BOT) Scheduled


Quarterly membership data report (Membership Council)* Done
UU congregation certification by Feb. 1 In progress
February Draft budget presentations to congregation (Resources Council)*
Draft budget review (Finance/BOT)*
Begin Annual Meeting planning and annual reports (BOT/PC)

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