The purpose of the Our Home Community Council is to support the daily life and traditions of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church (MVUC).  We represent vital functions that support MVUC and report to the Program Council.  The leader also serves as a liaison to the Board of Trustees for issues that impact continuity of operations.




A Council Chair is elected by the congregation to represent the groups indicated below on the Program Council.   The Chair has a liaison function designed to assist the various groups, and to seek resources where needed.  It does not convey authority to manage the specific communities.


Structure and Membership


The Our Home Community Council is comprised of the following groups:


  1. Book Nook- To sell books about Unitarian Universalism and other religious and spiritual topics, current social issues, poetry, and assorted books related to sermon topics, adult religious education programs and personal growth.  Books written by MVUC committees, members and friends, including books of poetry, cookbooks and the history of the MVUC and Hollin Hall are also for sale.


  1. Book Sale- To support MVUC through the annual sale of books and art.


  1. Caring Associates- To provide comfort and assistance to MVUC members who are sick, elderly, alone, fragile, or otherwise need help or companionship.


  1. Every Thursday (ET) Group- To create a place for companionship and friendship, to join together in political and community advocacy, and to support the activities of this church.


  1. Holiday Shop – provides funding for the Susan B Anthony Fund which is distributed by a committee to applying projects at MVUC.


  1. Volunteer Receptionists – The receptionists’ duties are to support the staff by answering the phone and providing the callers with answers to their questions about our church and forwarding messages to the appropriate staff person.  In addition, we assist the staff with copying directories and calendars and keeping the bulletin boards up to date.


These groups operate independently, choosing their own methods of recruitment and governance.  Some have financial responsibilities that are independent of MVUC’s budget.  Decisions on inclusion of new groups are made by the MVUC Board of Trustees.


Council Chair Responsibilities


  1. Represent interests and issues of home communities on the Program Council.


  1. Serve as liaison between the home communities and the Board of Trustees.


  1. Ensure that each community has a transition or “continuity of operations” plan in the event that leadership is no longer able to serve.


  1. Provide guidance to ensure that each community function has written procedures that document how functions are carried out. Procedures should include schedules, agendas, activities, and financial processes, where applicable.


  1. Promote outreach to new volunteers with a focus on next-generation participants.


  1. Ensure that home communities avail themselves of Program Council members to promote, support, and sustain their efforts.


  1. Prepare an annual report summarizing the activities, plans, and financial status (where applicable) of each home community as part of the Board of Trustees Annual Report.


Primary Author: Ruth Heimburg

Date approved by the Board of Trustees:   December 9, 2014


Updated by OHC and Secondary Author: Bonnie Iredell

Approved by the Program Council:  November 28, 2016