1. Purpose The Program Council supports the work of committees so as to achieve the mission, vision, and goals of the church and to enhance participation of its members and friends.
  2. Type of Committee The Council is a permanent part of the church organization specified in the Bylaws.
  3. Membership The members of the Program Council are area coordinators representing the major areas of church ministry, plus the minister and the convener. Each area coordinator is elected for a two-year term by the congregation at an Annual Meeting, with nominees proposed by the Nominating Committee.
  4. Chair The convener is a Board member selected by the Board. Program Council members may elect a chair from their membership to call and conduct meetings.
  5. Activities, Duties, Responsibilities
  6. The Council coordinates planning for functions, activities, and events conducted or supervised by the church’s volunteer committees and individuals. To do this, the Council members exchange information about current developments and discuss any issues that may arise, and
review the calendar of forthcoming events to determine priorities and reduce conflicts. Over the long-term, the Council:
  • Continuously monitors the structure of committee and volunteer assignments to ensure effective functioning
  • Provides support for leadership development
  • Appoints committee chairs as specified in committee charters
  • Approve revisions of existing committee charters and reviews proposed charters of new committees. The Board of Trustees must approve charters of new committees. After the BOT has approved the initial charter for a committee, the Program Council can approve revisions that do not substantially modify the committee’s function and do not affect any provisions concerning Board-authorized responsibilities.
  1. Each Program Area Coordinators maintains regular communication with committee chairs and individual volunteers in his or her area. The coordinator:
  • Works to ensure that individuals and committees are functioning effectively, by recruiting, encouraging, inspiring, and helping solve problems.
  • Reviews and forwards budget requests and annual reports to the Board of Trustees and the congregation.
  • Advises the Program Council on appointment of committee chairs in his or her program area.
  1. Communication Between the Program Council and the Board

The convener is the primary vehicle for communication between the Program Council and the Board, providing oral and written reports as necessary and appropriate.

  1. Authority Delegated or Retained

The Board retains legal responsibility for all financial, personnel, and policy decisions, including fund-raising.

Primary Author of this charter: Ron Brandt

Date this charter was approved by the Council: August 2010

Date this charter was approved by the Board of Trustees: September 13, 2010

Date this charter was reviewed by the Council: September 2013