To be good stewards of the existing structure, site, and environment
To provide the sizes and types of spaces that meet present and anticipated gathering needs
To welcome visitors, friends, and members in a comfortable and acoustically-friendly Commons
To provide universal access and compliance with current building codes and regulations.
To seek cost-efficiency in construction and long-term operations and maintenance.

Proposed Scope of Work

  • Complete Phase 3 of the Meeting House Improvements program, doubling the size of the Commons
  • Incorporate a seating nook to provide informal conversation areas
  • Improve appearance of the Meeting House main entrance and install the Churchill textured glass window
  • Upgrade building safety by installing a fire protection sprinkler system
  • Upgrade restrooms to ADA compliance

Our Expectations

100% participation from our members and friends — Although we can not all give equally, we can all make an equal commitment. Pledges and gifts for an annual amount several times greater than your annual pledge —Prior to the completion of this construction work in Fall of 2014, the last major addition to the church was in 1985. Now it is our turn to step forward to make the necessary updates to carry MVUC into the future.