Church Governance

 Mount Vernon Unitarian Church is a “congregational” church, meaning that we are self-governed.  The Congregation has ultimate authority over church affairs. The Congregation delegates responsibility for conducting church business to democratically-elected officials and staff, who operate in accord with written bylaws, policies and procedures. The church is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) of congregations, which provides support and guidance to member congregations, but does not control them. Because the church is owned by its members, members are expected to support the church financially, attend worship services and other activities, and participate as appropriate in church governance.

Congregational Meetings

Minutes of meetings

Board of Trustees

Minutes of Board of Trustees meetings

Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws as of May 2016 – basic rules established by the Congregation for how the church is to be governed (last revised May 2016). (Comparable to the United States Constitution.)

Policies January 24, 2016 – statements concerning particular aspects of governance adopted by the Board of Trustees. (Comparable to laws passed by Congress.)

Committees and Councils

Brief descriptions of the duties of the various Committees and Councils that contribute to accomplishment of our mission. (The term “council” refers to groups that have sub-groups.)

Charters listing specific responsibilities assigned by the Board of Trustees to the committees and councils.


The  Dashboard, a graphic display of indicators of church progress.

The  Annual Reports  2014-2015 -Annual-Report Rev 2 prepared by church officials for the 2015 Annual Congregational Meeting.

The Pillars & Foundations Task Force Final Report, January 2014, a plan for achieving financial stability.

Other Documents

Event Planner’s Guide – Helpful suggestions for anyone responsible for a major church event.

Leaders’ Guide – Valuable guidance for anyone in a leadership position at MVUC.