MVUC Alexandria VA Church Newsletter November 2016

TRIPLE the size of your donation! The Retire Our Debt Campaign is here!


Mount Vernon Unitarian Church has a beautiful church home thanks to the careful planning and generosity of church members, beginning with the acquisition of our “Holy Hill” 60 years ago and with additions and renovations to enhance our property throughout the years. Most recently, the Meeting House was improved with a renovated and expanded Commons, an updated kitchen and a new stage. Although many of you gave generously for these much needed improvements, unfortunately, we still owe $500,000. We must find a way to pay off this debt.  We are currently paying interest only (approximately $2,000 each month) on a line of credit.

Our Church leadership has proposed a “Retire Our Debt” campaign structured as a three-to-one match. That is: $375,000 would come from the Endowment Fund and the Congregation would be asked to come up with the additional $125,000. So, for every dollar you donate, the Endowment Fund will contribute three dollars. Our campaign will begin Oct 1, 2017.

Al Robbert, our Finance Committee Chair, and Joan Darrah, our Endowment Committee Chair, have agreed to spearhead this effort. More detailed information will be forthcoming shortly and will be available on our Website and at a table in the Commons on Sundays starting on October 1st.