While on Sabbatical Rev. Walker offers a series of old newsletter columns from an old friend, Dobie.


Offered in the spirit of the Theme of the Month for January: Freedom


Dear Mom, “I’m sorry.  But, hey, mom.  I need to run.” That’s what I keep telling you.  Running is the key need in my life.  Oh yeah, I need to eat, mark territory, sniff out invaders, and have my ears and rump rubbed regularly.  But running is when my soul really finds freedom.  Freedom! Every species needs freedom, and spring is when the need is strongest.  Take a look around.  Everywhere there are signs of freedom: Smelly things poking up out of the ground looking for freedom.  There are ground hogs, squirrels, rabbits running across my path just begging for me to chase!  Even you take me out more, because you in your great deity wisdom know the importance of freedom!  Spring and freedom, that’s what it’s all about.


So, I’m sorry I keep taking off.  I’ll always come back. I just can’t help myself.  I need to take to the open road and find my path across the great highways of America.  Like Dillon and Keroac – whoever they are – I find myself in the trees and hills of the landscape.  I’ll bring tales in my tail to share with you.  Just let me be free.


So, mom when you whistle for me, know you are always my path home.  Just let me have a little longer out in the wilderness, a little longer with freedom running through my body.  I’ll come home and sit at your feet each night, obedient and loving you unconditionally.


Oh, and by the way can I have something more to eat?


Woof, Dobie




Rev. Walker is on sabbatical for five months, from January to May.  The Rev. Rebekah Montgomery is covering her preaching schedule.  The Caring Associates will continue to support our members, but for emergency health problems requiring a minister, please contact the office at datadmin@mvuc.org, or 703-765-5950; or Board President Ken Pilkenton kpilk@cox.net.