Rev. Kate Walker Unitarian Minister

Have you ever been lost — so lost that you were confused not only about where you were, but also, about how you got there in the first place? … What do you typically do if you’re feeling lost?  Do you just keep going in the direction you are already facing? Do you back track, trying to figure out where you took that wrong turn?  Maybe you get out the map, or in the 21st century, the GPS device, to get oriented via some satellite and start again?


It is time for Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church to take a look at the map.  The good news is we are not lost, not even a little lost.  And, we have a pretty good idea of where we have come from, and how we arrived at where we are today.  But, it is good common sense to check the map now and then in order to make sure that we still want to go where we are headed and that we are as excited and committed as ever when we envision our future destination.


For this reason, it is time to look at our Mission and Vision once again. Mission and Vision statements serve really important purposes. They help the Board of Trustees and the program staff establish annual goals.  They remind all of us of the why’s, what’s and how’s of our Covenant with each other.  They remind us why we are more than a social organization, and why it is important to keep striving for transcendent experiences in life that lift us all above oppression, poverty, injustice and incivility.


We created our current Mission and Vision statements five years ago (See below under my signature). Five years is a great time to at which to step back and revisit those statements.  We may decide we like them, and recommit ourselves to the hope they instill in us.  We may decide to change a few words or do something more dramatic.


We are using a variation of the process we used five years ago called Appreciative Inquiry also known as AI (more information can be found here: The process helps us support the vibrant life of our community by focusing on the best of who and what we are, and what we want to be.  Rather than looking at problems or deficits, we are asked to look at possibilities and opportunities, and to describe what inspires us about our mission and vision, and when we have been proud of how we are carrying these out. We are blessed to have Sue and Howard Lamb, members of our congregation and Organization Development Consultants, to guide us through this appreciative discovery process.


In the end we will have the power of perspective that comes from re-orienting our selves in relation to our values and interests.  We will make sure we are headed in the direction we want to go, with a powerful vision of what we want to create together.


We are leading an information session about the process of AI on Sunday, March 13, 12:45 p.m. – 2 p.m. with a light lunch provided.


We have two dates for engaging in the AI process: Sundays April 24 and May 15, 12:45 p.m.- 2:45 p.m.  Lunch will be provided.  You choose one of those dates.  While drop-ins will be welcome, it would be helpful to our planning process if you would RSVP to Richard Roesel

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you for your support and participation in guiding the continuing journey of Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church.


In faith, Kate R. Walker


Our Mission

MVUC is a loving and inclusive community. Our mission is to encourage one another on our spiritual journeys and to work together to build the common good.

Our Vision

We will:

Live our UU principles and be a voice for liberal religion;

Create vital worship experiences that engage our minds, hearts and spirit;

Engage in lifespan religious education and learning;

Expand our social justice leadership and commitment;

Become a more diverse and multi-generational community.

To achieve our vision, we will practice intentional, responsible stewardship.