Rev. Dr. Kate Walker

Recently some of my colleagues mentioned on Facebook that they, in their middle age, have started lifting weights.  Feeling their muscles work in new ways has brought them better health, as well as feelings of empowerment, particularly through free weights.  I suspect much of the feeling of empowerment is due to media images of well-toned weight lifters, providing a sense of control over at least one part of their life.


Amidst the chaos of extreme rhetoric in the current political discourse, is a growing malaise accompanied by disempowerment and deep loss.  Whether it is environmental degradation, lack of affordable housing, income inequality, racial tensions, or gun violence, we are all feeling, at times, overwhelmed and unable to effect positive change.


There are, however, pockets of empowered and driven people who seem impervious to the malaise.  Their sense of confidence seems unshaken, their vision for a better world clear and their call to action unwavering. I am not one of them.  I need help from colleagues, from family, and most importantly from you, the members and friends of this community. There is no way I can keep getting out in front of you, or an elected official that needs some reminding of their constituent needs, or keep writing emails, letters and Facebook posts, without getting a regular reminder that I do not work alone. I need to know how important the work for justice that I do is through face-to-face contact.


I had one of those moments this week. Our Social Justice Council met with a full table of passionate, clear headed and empowered people.  At the table were representatives from task forces (formal and informal) to: Reducing Gun Violence, VIC-HOP (homeless shelter), Partner Church, creating a multicultural/multiracial community, immigration, and more!  That’s what I’m talking about!! Face to face contact is the cure for spots of malaise because the gathered energy is like lifting with free weights: A soul is well toned and developed into something powerful.


I am inviting you to do some “weight lifting” through face-to-face contact for social justice. When one of the incredible leaders of these task force leaders share their events, show up!  Your body and mind matter to leaders. That’s how they know they are not working alone, and you get to tone up your heart and soul.


A big event that is coming up is a VOICE Action on Sunday, Oct. 16 (see more information else where in this newsletter and Facebook). Your body and heart will love the workout!  Your sense of empowerment will be restored.


Cheers in Action,

Kate Walker