Reflections on Death and Other Signs of Life

Autumn marches on,

Mighty Oaks stand still and yet,

Flaky, brittle oak leaves filter sunlight,

Hanging on until,


The frost bites and the rain drills.

The leaves let go and surrender

To their fate.


And so each must meet the same,

To know that we must someday go,

Yet to stay forever now.

Autumn marches on.


By Lee Ann Wester


What can one say about death? It is such a part of life, partner in all, yet we rarely speak of its existence. It appears too often, pulling us down from our joys.  Yet, death, for all its awesome terror, is what gives joy its value. So we cycle, year-by-year, day-by-day, from joy to grief, we witness the buds in the spring and the frost in the autumn.  We celebrate with laughter and tears, joys and sorrows, with words and silence.



With love, Kate Walker