In this part of the website we provide information about worship at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church.

Worship for Unitarian Universalists is grounded in some of the basic Protestant elements such as a sermon, hymns, readings and an offering.  Our minister is in the pulpit about three times per month, except for summer months when she is off for vacation and study break.  When the minister is not present, we have guest speakers who may be from our own church community or we may have guest ministers and lay speakers.

We strive to ground our worship services in the spiritual experience, while also engaging intellectual ideas.  Our children are present for the first part of worship before they leave for their religious education classes.  Occasionally we have intergenerational services that are intentionally designed to engage people of all ages.  We also like to bring creative elements into our services through dramatic readings, liturgical dance or poetry.

On this site you can listen to some of the recent Sermons recorded at Sunday services. Many of the services are offered in connection with a Theme for that month’s services.The next Sunday service to be offered is shown on the home page, and if you want to know the topics of future services, you’ll usually find several of them listed under Sunday Services. Besides weekly worship services we also conduct other ceremonies, such as Child Dedications, Memorial Services. Our church and its beautiful grounds are home to many weddings. If you are considering a marriage at MVUC, our minister may be available to officiate. You can find complete information about wedding opportunities by clicking on Weddings/Rentals under”Quick Links” on the right side of the home page.

For several years our church has organized Sunday services around Monthly Worship Themes. This part of the website lists these themes along with the minister’s reflections on them.

All of our services have a strong musical presence through our choir and guest musicians.  It is common to also have our own talented community members provide music at worship services. We are very proud of the beautiful Music made possible by our Music Director, Mark Zimmerman, and Pianist Yee Von Ng.

We hope you’ll find this information about worship at MVUV will encourage you to Visit Us. If so, this page may be useful. We’ll look forward to having you join us.