2022-2023 Exemplary Service Awards

Please join us to recognize and thank the 2022-2023 Exemplary Service Award recipients at the Annual Meeting on May 21 at 6:00pm. 

They are:

Wendy Burns Lifetime Service Award
Tom Griffin

Joseph Remington Exemplary Service Award 
Dave Keegan

John Stevens Property Award
Mike Arnold & Mike Walker

Katie Tyson Exemplary Youth Award
Kyle Clark

George Churchill Arts and Education Award
Nina Tisara for the Arts

George Churchill Arts and Education Award
Claire Brolin for Education

Sally Montanari “Unsung Hero” Award
Nancy Barkume

“Pay It Forward” New Member Award
Laura Greer

Special Award for our Care Team
Pam Unger, Becky Brandt, Linda Gentile, Helen Haltzel, Barbara Jacobs, Sam Longstreet, Jan Macpherson, Susan Mader, Marianne Martz, Annie Montanari, Sandy Peterson, Betsy Stephens