Mount Vernon Unitarian Church is a congregational church, meaning that we are self-governed. The Congregation has ultimate authority over church affairs. The Congregation delegates responsibility for conducting church business to democratically-elected leaders and professional staff, who operate in accord with written bylaws, policies, and procedures.

Elected members also serve on one of several councils, each with a charter. These councils coordinate efforts through the Program Council which reports to the Board of Trustees.

See Governing Documents and Committee charters:

Our governing board and councils include:

  • Board of Trustees – elected for non-renewable 3-year terms at our Annual Meeting. Contact:
    • Finance Committee (, Stewardship Committee (, Personnel Committee, Endowment Committee (, and Committee on Ministry are all Board committees. The Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Chairs of these committees are appointed by the Board.
  • Program Council – elected for 2-year terms at our Annual meeting. Contact:
  • Nominating Committee – elected for 2-year terms at our Annual Meeting
  • Beginning in 2021 MVUC has been in a period of Interim Ministry. A ministerial search committee was elected at our 2022 Annual Meeting ( The Board has also appointed a Transitions Committee in lieu of a Committee on Ministry at this time.

MVUC is an Honors+ member of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) of congregations. The UUA provides support and guidance to member congregations, but does not control them. Because the church is owned and governed by its members, members are encouraged to support the mission and vision of the church financially, attend worship services and other activities, and participate as appropriate in church governance.

We support and sustain our community through our volunteer efforts and stewardship contributions. All members are eligible for any of these opportunities and are encouraged to lend their skills and expertise.