Monthly financial reports, end-of-year reports for previous fiscal years, and various budget-related documents are available to MVUC members in the “Resource” tab within the Finance Facts group in Realm (the church database management system currently in use by MVUC). The reports can be reached by clicking on this link or by opening Realm and navigating to Groups > All groups > Finance Facts > Resources. Access is available to any MVUC member with a Realm password. For more information on how to access Realm, click here.     

These financial reports are generated from the accounting module embedded in RealmRealm supports management of contact information, membership data, pledges, contributions, group activities, and other aspects of church life. Regarding individual giving, Realm records member contributions at an individual level (including automatic recording of on-line payments) and exports summary data to the accounting module. Note: Members’ pledge and contribution data in Realm are visible only to designated individuals responsible for maintenance and use of the data. Selected contact and personal entries are available to others according to specifications set in Realm by the individual to whom the information pertains.  

MVUC’s accounting system is managed cooperatively by the treasurer, assistant treasurer, church administrator, and Finance Committee. Fiduciary responsibility and most spending authority rests with the Board of Trustees. 

MVUC’s financial assets are segregated by bylaw, policy, or bequest into six separate funds.  

  • Operating Fund
  • Endowment Fund
  • Memorial Walks Fund
  • Windmill Preservation Fund
  • Minister’s Discretionary Fund
  • Ralph Greenhouse Music Fund

In addition to these separate funds, the system also accounts for earmarked funds–money that is collected, held, and expensed for various special projects and purposes.     

An annual budget, approved by the Board of Trustees, governs expenditures from the Operating Fund.  Expenditure of earmarked funds is generally at the discretion of the committee, team, or other activity responsible for the project or purpose. Expenditures from the Endowment Fund are governed by a bylaw provision. Expenditures from Memorial Walks, Windmill Preservation, and Ralph Greenhouse Music Funds are governed by policy and Board of Trustees decisions. Expenditures from the Minister’s Discretionary Fund are, as the name indicates, at the discretion of the minister.   

MVUC’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Accounting is on a cash (not accrual) basis.

Four financial reports are generated each month, as follows:

  • Two operating fund revenue and expense reports—one at a summary level and one at an individual account level. They indicate data from the reporting month and the fiscal year-to-date and a comparison of year-to-date data with the approved budget.
  • A revenue and expense report for the five funds that are separate from the Operating Fund.  Since these funds are not managed to budgets, this report does not include a budget column.
  • A consolidated balance sheet that displays assets and equities in the six separate funds, earmarked funds, and our real property valuation.  

For more information on MVUC’s financial structure, or for questions related to financial reports, contact   

Information last updated July 2024