The next Annual Used Book & Art Sale will be held in March 2025.

Every year, at the end of March, MVUC hosts its annual Used Book and Art Sale. We fill the first floor of Hollin Hall and the Meeting House Commons & Chapel with donated used books and art. The sale lasts three days and has very reasonable prices. The money raised from the sale goes to support MVUC’s annual operating fund. MVUC members and friends can contribute to this important fundraiser by donating used books and art.

Donate any time. Are you ready to do a good spring cleaning? Have your books been piling up during this long pandemic? You can donate used books and art year-round for the book sale! Donations come from members, friends, neighbors, and previous customers. Donations can be placed any time in the red Book Donation Box located at the lower edge of the parking lot.

More than books. In addition to books, we accept puzzles, CDs, DVDs, and art. Art donations can include empty frames, unframed art, framed art, and 3-D art. Note that we cannot accept moldy books or art, underlined or highlighted books, textbooks, encyclopedia sets, or VCR/cassette tapes.

For sale year around. If you’re looking for new reading material now, the books on the shelves in the Fireplace Room in Hollin Hall are available for purchase all year for just $1 (1 dollar) each. Additional books are usually placed on those shelves every Wednesday.

Volunteer Year Around If you would like to join our group of volunteers who plan and prep for the annual book sale, please contact We sort the week’s donation of books every Wednesday morning, 9:30am – noon.

Volunteer Especially in March In March, we will need more volunteers to help set up for and tear down the sale. Setup starts the Sunday before the sale at 9am. Tear down is immediately after the sale at 3pm on Saturday. Note that if your specialty is art, then please come to help. We have all kinds of art that needs to be cleaned, repaired, and priced for the sale. This is done only in the week prior to the sale.