MVUC helps you manage parts of your church life securely and privately through an application called Realm Connect (or Realm for short). With Realm, you can:

  • view the member directory
  • view calendars
  • make contributions to the church, including your stewardship contributions (for more information about financial management at MVUC, see here)
  • download financial reports and other financial information (members only)
  • connect with your groups
  • …and more.

Note: Realm access is for members and friends of MVUC only. If you wish to use the online resources and be included in the church directory, please contact the chair of the Membership Council at


Members: If you require reimbursement or payment from MVUC for something, please use this reimbursement form and make sure the Church Administrator ( is aware of your request.

Logging into Realm

  • Select “Log In” at the top of any MVUC web page (or use the link:
    • If you have used Realm before and have an account & password, you may need to enter them on a Sign In screen. Afterwards, Realm may remember you and not require sign-in again.
    • If this is your first time using Realm, click on the “Forgot your password?” link to register.  In the next screen that appears, enter the same email address that you have provided for church records.  A password reset message will be sent to that address.
    • Please note that signing in at Realm does not automatically subscribe you to our church newsletters. To subscribe to the newsletters, click here.

Viewing Your Membership Information

  • In the upper right corner of any Realm page, find a small circle containing your picture (or your initials) and your name.
  • Click on your name to see a menu, then select “My Profile“. There, you can view and update your contact and other personal information.
    • You can control how much of your information will be visible to others.  In the same menu, select “Privacy“.
  • To see your contribution & pledge information, choose “Giving” from the menu in the left sidebar.
    • Other features in the sidebar menu include: news, upcoming events, messages, church groups you belong to, information on serving opportunities, and the church membership directory.

Changing Your Password or Log-in Email Address

  • To change your password or the email address used to log in to Realm, click on your name in the upper right corner and choose Manage Account from the drop-down menu.

Using Realm Connect on your smartphone or tablet

After your account is set up, you can also download and use the Realm Connect mobile app from the App Store appropriate for your mobile device. This provides many of the Realm features. If you have any problems, please contact