The MVUC Care Team is a group of community members who volunteer to support MVUC members who are ill, in crisis, or experiencing life transitions.

The support offered goes well beyond casseroles and cards. This is not an emergency service. However, members offer visits or check–in by phone at home or at care facilities, transportation, or meals during illness, periods of grief, or other times as needed. Additionally, they also have a small supply of rehabilitation equipment (walkers, commodes, shower chairs, etc.) that is available for church members or friends to borrow. They welcome the help of other members and friends of the congregation. Over the years, the MVUC Care Team has provided support to meet these important needs:

  • Rides to medical appointments
  • Home and hospital visits
  • Friendly check-ins by phone
  • Orthopedic equipment

If you know of a community member who needs support or you need a helping hand yourself, please get in touch with the MVUC Care Team coordinator Linda Gillis Gentile at 781 985-2862.

Care Team Rehab Equipment Loan Program

The Rehab Equipment Loan program, which is part of the Care Team, receives donated used rehab equipment which is stored in the Hollin Hall basement and is checked out to friends and members of MVUC that may need it. We have wheelchairs, commodes, shower chairs, and many kinds of walkers including rollators and knee walkers, crutches, canes, reachers, etc. After you are done using a piece of equipment, you can return it so others can borrow it. There is no limit to how long you can borrow the piece or pieces of equipment. Recycling equipment is part of our climate action initiative and service to our congregation. Presently all our travel wheelchairs are out being used so if you have one you no longer need and would like to donate, please give Sandy Peterson an email or a call at 703-470-4414.

Care Team Members as of February 2024: Becky Brandt, Linda Gentile, Barb Jacobs, Sam Longstreet, Jan Macpherson, Susan Mader, Marianne Martz, Annie Montanari, Sandy Peterson, Vickie Sodeberg.