Board Update – June 2024

The June Board meeting took place on June 11, 2024.  Due to illness, there was not a quorum, so the consent agenda for June will be formally approved (or discussed, if requested) at the July meeting.  

The Board recognized Katherine Tobin and Christian Evangelista with a customized MVUC mug for their last three years of service along with Richard Roesel for completing a year as Board Chair. 

Minister’s Report

Rev. Ian’s minister’s report provided an update on membership numbers, participation by MVUC in the recent Capital Pride, his plans for vacation and study leave, information on Family Ministry workshop(s) and the upcoming search for a new DRE.  Rev. Ian also discussed faith formation and the planned work with lay community minister Ebony C. Peace this summer to share 6 worship services as well as 5 spiritual development workshops with MVUC. 

Financial Discussions

Projections of Costs of building and property maintenance, repair, and replacement were developed in detail in the early 2000s; a major update was made to these Projections of Costs in 2011, and a few minor updates have been made since. The Board has been encouraged to update these Projections of Costs and conduct a thorough “Reserve Study” to better estimate future costs and timelines and that the update take into account the information we received from the recent energy audit. 

The financial team is recommending that we investigate beginning a major Capital Campaign to raise funds to pay for Zero Energy plans and numerous needed infrastructure repairs and replacement. 

The apartment in Hollin Hall will require significant repair and updating to accommodate future tenants. One bid was received of $9,000 for part of the work; the Board will solicit additional bids before a decision is a made.  

The church has been asked by a local construction company whether the company could pay a fee to occasionally park two utility trailers in our parking lot. The company uses theses utility trailers regularly to store supplies and equipment at active construction sites and thus the trailers will not be constantly in the parking lot. The Board negotiated a fee of $200 per month, per parking space (which should provide a potential $4800 per year as revenue to the operating budget).  This agreement is on a month-to-month basis per parking space to allow the church maximum flexibility in case the arrangement needs to be changed.  The Board also made clear to the company that the trailers would need to be removed for major special events we hold (such as Holiday Shop) where parking is at a premium. 

Korona Construction Company is making progress with the required updates in Hollin Hall to accommodate the River Farm Forest School.  Fire doors are being installed and some doors are being replaced. Board member Robin Roberts reported that the work is proceeding on schedule.  

Spirituality Support

A congregational meeting is being planned with a facilitator, Mark Bernstein, and our UUA contact, Sana Saeed to be held August 25, 2024 after Sunday Services.

The Board approved the following people to be MVUC member delegates to the UUA General Assembly 2024:  Barbara Bacon, Steve Bogart, Linda Doyle, Sally Henrehan, and Lynette Millett. MVUC was able to fill 5 of our 6 possible voting slots thanks to these volunteers. The Board encourages the Congregation to begin preparing for General Assembly 2025, which will be held in-person in Baltimore, and asks members to consider whether they would want to go in-person and/or be a voting delegate so that MVUC can have a full slate of delegates representing us at GA next year. 

Executive Session

The Board went into executive session to discuss a member complaint regarding a church leader.  An investigation is underway along with a review and possible updates to policies to strengthen the safety of our community and to clarify respect for confidentiality and appropriate use of personal information by church leaders. 

New Board

After this Board meeting took place, the new 2024-2025 Board met for a short retreat on June 21-22 to begin planning its work for the new church year. At that retreat, tentative assignments were agreed upon as follows: 

Chair – Glenn Sheffield

Vice chair – Jan Speakman

Secretary – Linda Burke

Treasurer – Oscar Castro

Program Council Convener – Martha Dyckes

Ingathering Leads – Jan Speakman and Will James

Personnel Committee Liaison – Will James

Finance Committee Liaison – Oscar Castro/Glenn Sheffield

Resources Council Liaison – Robin Roberts

Safety Council Liaison – [unfilled]

Communications Liaison – Glenn Sheffield, Linda Burke 

Family Ministry Liaison – Steve Bogart

Care Team Liaison – Martha Dyckes

Reserve Study – Robin Roberts

Fort Hunt Preschool – Richard Roesel 

Healthy Congregation Team – Linda Burke and Steve Bogart