Care Team Call for Volunteers

If you are a current or former social worker or attorney, financial planner or accountant, or you’re handy with tools, or know about cars or resume writing or really no matter what your skills and training are, we hope you’ll think about connecting with the Care Team, so that we can connect you with members whose needs might fall beyond our own skills.  

Someone might need to find a new place to live or work, or assign a loved one their power of attorney or medical proxy, or even something as mundane appliance repair or home organization. To that end, if you want to share your time and talents to help a congregant one-on-one with a specific task within your area of interest the Care Team would appreciate hearing from you!

And if you need assistance the Care Team can provide, like rides to doctor appointments, phone check-ins, visits, or meals we want to hear from you, too! 

Members of the Care Team will be available during coffee hour for the next few Sundays, or contact Linda Gentile, Care Team coordinator, by phone or text at (781) 985-2862 or by email at