The Caring Associates of Mount Vernon Unitarian Church provide support to members and friends of the congregation who are in need of temporary assistance. This is not an emergency service. However, members offer visits or check–in by phone at home or at care facilities, transportation, or meals during illness, periods of grief, or other times as needed. Additionally, they also have a small supply of rehabilitation equipment (walkers, commodes, shower chairs, etc.) that is available for church members or friends to borrow. They welcome the help of other members and friends of the congregation.

If you or someone you know from Mount Vernon Unitarian Church may need assistance, please call the church office (703-765-5950 ext 0 for Volunteer Receptionist or if receptionist not available ext 106 for Office Manager) for the phone number or email of the Caring Associate on Call for that week. The Caring Associate on Call is also listed each week in the Sunday Order of Service.

Questions? Contact Chair Betsy Stephens