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MVUC Member Information User Guide

MVUC Access ACS User Guide

MVUC helps you manage parts of your church life securely and privately through  a membership area (using software from ACS Technologies).

Use this area to:

  • view the member directory
  • see your coffee hour volunteer schedule
  • make your pledge payments
  • donate to other projects
  • view the calendar
  • more

Note: Member Access is for members and friends of MVUC only. If you wish to use the online resource and be included in the church directory, please contact Linda Burke, membership@mvuc.org.

Here is a quick guide to getting started.

How to Log Into ACS Access

  1. Start your browser and either:
    1. Go to the MVUC web page (mvuc.org) and click “Member login” at the top of the screen.
    2. Or type https://secure.accessacs.com/access/memberlogin.aspx?sn=158128 into your browser.

The Access ACS screen appears.

MVUC ACS login screen

  1. On the sign in screen:
    1. If you have used Access ACS before, enter your email address and password in the Sign In
    2. If this is your first time using Access ACS, click on the Need a login? link to register.
      1. Notice that the Sign In box changes to the Account Sign Up box.ACS account signup
      2. Enter your e-mail address and name, as they are in the church database, and click on Find Me.
  • Follow the directions on the screen.

How to View Your Membership Information

  1. Under the Home menu, choose My Profile.
  2. Your contact information is displayed under the My Profile
  3. To see your contributions for this year, click on the My Giving History
  4. To see your pledges, click on the My Pledge History

How to Change Your Membership Information

    1. View the information you want to change.
    2. Click on the pencil icon associated with that information. For example:

Edit ACS email

How to Find Contact Information for Someone

  1. Under the Home menu, choose My Overview.
    Notice the Search box on the right-hand side.ACS search box
  2. Enter the last name and/or first name of the person you are looking for.
  3. The contact information for persons matching your search appears.

How to Find Your Groups

  1. Under the Home menu, choose My Overview.
    Notice the My Groups box on the right-hand side.ACS my groups
  2. A list of all groups you belong to appears.

How to Change Your Password

  1. Under the Home menu, choose My Account.
    The Account Settings tab is selected automatically.ACS account settings
  2. Click on the Change option and enter your new password.
  3. If you should forget your password, then click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ or ‘user name’ links, and you will be sent an e-mail with a link to change your password.ACS forgot password

How to Change Directory Options

  1. Under the Home menu, choose My Account.
  2. Click on the Personal Preferences tab ACS personal preferences
  3. To edit the information that appears in the directory:
    1. Make sure to click or unclick the checkboxes in the Directory Preferences
    2. Click on the checkbox for each type of contact information you want to be shown to other MVUC ACCESS users so that the checkmark appears. (Your “preferred” addresses and phone numbers will be used. If these need to be changed, please contact the MVUC office.)
  4. Should you not want some or all family members information to be included in the Directory, unclick the checkboxes to indicate your preferences.
  5. Similarly, please review the Viewing Preferences, choosing whether to see or not to see available photos when you view a directory.
    1. Checkbox is empty (photos WILL appear).
    2. Checkmark appears (photos will NOT appear).

Need help? Contact Dream Team members:

Linda Burke- ljburke2@sbcglobal.net

Carolyn White – admin@mvuc.org

Al Robbert – aarobbert@comcast.net

For Additional information, see the Event Registration Guide and the Online Giving Guides:

Information is also available on the MVUC website by clicking Church Member Access link.