Realm is an online information system used to manage MVUC’s membership, group activity, calendar, and financial data.   Features include

  • A searchable membership directory.
  • Church calendar.
  • Your profile information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.).  You can enter changes on your profile information which will update the church database after approval by a database administrator.
  • A link to the automatic payment form for entering one-time or recurring payments.
  • Information on past online payments.
  • Sign-up and payment for some church events.  
  • A companion app for mobile devices called Realm Connect.

Gaining Access to Realm
The easiest way to gain access, particularly for a first-time user, is to click on the “Member Login” link at the upper right corner of this or any other MVUC web site page. The screen shown below will open with a place to enter your email address and password.  If you do not have a password, click on Forgot your password? On the next screen that opens, put in the password you have provided in your church records and a password reset message will be sent to that address.
The Realm Connect App
After you receive a password, you can also download and use the Realm Connect mobile app.  The app can be downloaded from the app store appropriate for your mobile device.