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Make or Change Your Stewardship Commitment

Indicating or changing your level of financial support for Mount Vernon Unitarian Church.

You can make or change your commitment by sending an e-mail to stewardship@mvuc.org. Please include the new or changed amount, frequency (monthly or yearly), start date, and if this is a fair share commitment in accordance with our Fair Share Guide.

You can also make or change your stewardship commitment by filling out a commitment form available in the Commons. Completed forms may be given to any member of the Stewardship Committee or dropped in the mail slot in the church office door.

If you are currently using our Automatic Payment Form for your stewardship commitment, please continue to use the Automatic Payment Form; ensure your payment amount matches your stewardship commitment. If you are not currently making automatic payments to Mount Vernon Unitarian Church, please consider using our Automatic Payment Form to start this convenient process.

When using the Automatic Payment Form to make commitment payments, please remember to advise the stewardship committee of your commitment by email or a commitment form, as noted above. Thank you!


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