Contributions can be made in a number of ways:

  • Automatic payment.  This is a convenient way to make either a one-time or recurring contribution and it feeds efficiently into the church’s bookkeeping processes.  See automatic payment information or go directly to our automatic payment form.  This form, along with a membership roster, church calendar, and other useful church member information can also be reached via the “Member Login” link in the upper right corner of any page on this web site.  Payments can be made using an automatic clearinghouse (ACH) transaction that transfers money directly from your bank account or using a credit card.  ACH is preferred because we pay a fee of 3%  on credit card transactions.   
  • Realm Connect  application on mobile device. The automatic payment form can be found on the Realm Connect app available for mobile devices.  For more information on setting up the app, go to church member information.  
  • Text-to-Give. The text messaging feature on a cell phone can be used making either a share-the-plate contribution or a stewardship pledge payment. For more information, go to Text-to-Give.
  • Check.  A check can be mailed to the church office, dropped in the mail slot in the church office door, or dropped in the collection plate. Please indicate the purpose of the check on the memo line, e.g., “share the plate”, “stewardship”, “partner church”, “in memory of _____”, etc. An undesignated check in the collection plate will be treated as a share the plate contribution.
  • Cash in the collection plate.  If your contribution is intended for a specific purpose or if you want it to be recorded as coming from you, enclose it in an envelope and mark it for this purpose.  Otherwise, it will be treated as a share the plate contribution.
  • Stock donation. Stock donations can be handled in two ways.
    • You can ask your broker to transfer stock to MVUC’s broker (to be sold by MVUC).  The transfer should go to the Mt Vernon Unitarian Church account (account number 487622680) at TD Ameritrade (DTC number 0188).  When making a stock transfer, please fill out a stock transfer form indicating the name of your broker, name of the stock being transferred, number of shares, and the purpose of the contribution (“stewardship”, “endowment”, “capital campaign”, etc.).  You can also find a paper form for this purpose in the Commons or upon request from the church administrator. We need this information from you because TD Ameritrade does NOT notify us that a stock transfer has occurred and the data available to us from TD Ameritrade sometimes do not indicate from whom the transfer was received. Stock is sold shortly after transfer to MVUC and TD Ameritrade sends a check to MVUC.
    • If requested, some brokers will sell the stock for you and then send a check to MVUC.  Please use this form to alert the church office to expect this check and provide the approximate amount and purpose of the contribution.  
  • Transfer from IRA, bank, or other third party.  You may wish to consider transferring a portion of your IRA to MVUC as a charitable contribution. If you are over 70 ½, the donation is considered part of your required minimum distribution.  Contact your IRA manager or other third party to arrange for a check to be sent directly to MVUC. Please use this form to alert the church office to expect this check and provide the approximate amount and purpose of the contribution.