Text-to-Give allows you to use the text messaging feature on a smartphone or other mobile device to make a contribution to Mount Vernon Unitarian Church.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open your messaging app and put “73256” in the “To:” box.  (Your phone may put a hyphen in the middle of this number. You can ignore the hyphen.)
  • Put “MVUC” and the intended dollar amount of the contribution In the Text Message box. (Example: “mvuc 50”.) On a smartphone, it would look like the first screenshot shown below.
  • Send the text. You will get a response message as shown in the second screenshot below.
  • Tap the blue hyperlink.  This will take you to our online payment form, as shown in the third screenshot.
  • In the form, you can set the specific “Fund” you wish to contribute to. Then choose a payment method and fill in the necessary details.
  • Submit the form. A receipt will be sent to your phone, similar to the fourth screenshot.

To learn more about the process, visit Making Payments Online.