Guest At Your Table – Boxes Available November 20 – UU Service Committee

Pick up your Guest at Your Table Box November 20 during worship. Return it on Pageant Sunday or on Christmas Eve.

UUSC’s work began in 1939 when Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp took an extraordinary risk, helping refugees escape Nazi persecution in Europe.  We can be proud to say that the UUSC continues this work in Migrant Justice, Climate Justice and Crisis Response.  Through UUSC, UUs are at the forefront of the most important social justice projects around the world. To learn more about some of the specific programs they are working on now, you can go to

The longest running fundraising program for UUSC is Guest at Your Table.  Each year, UUs are asked to imagine they are sitting down at their table with some of the people UUSC supports as they work to make a difference.  Four representatives are chosen so we can learn more about their personal stories and how they are making the world better.  These four people are pictured on a cardboard box that you may place at your dinner table.  Each time you pass the table, sit down for a meal, or think about what you are doing to live out your UU principles, you can drop some money in the box.  At the end of the holiday season, you can turn your box in and the money will go to support truly amazing UUSC projects.

This year, MVUC will be handing out the Guest at Your Table boxes during our Thanksgiving worship service on November 20.  Take your box home, talk with your family about the program, learn more about UUSC, fill the box with donations, and bring it back to church on December 18 (Pageant Sunday) or on Christmas Eve, December 24.  Don’t forget to donate to both MVUC and UUSC as you make your end-of-year contributions.  For more information about MVUC’s involvement with UUSC, contact Director of Lifespan Spiritual Growth Ann Richards at