Assistance at Sunday Services – Definition of Roles

The Worship, Arts and Music Committee arranges for participation in Sunday services by one or more persons in addition to the Minister or other speaker. The role of the helping person varies according to the situation.

Worship Assistant – Performs a limited set of tasks when the Minister or other speaker is responsible for the service. Prior to the start of the service, the Worship Assistant sees to the lighting of the candles at the dais and on the chalice, and makes certain that the Minister or speaker has a glass of water on her/his table. He or she then delivers the welcoming statement at the beginning of the service, lights the chalice when the opening words are spoken, and may do other tasks, such as a doing a reading, as requested. Details are in the Worship Assistant Script.

Worship Assistant Script Feb 2013  (including instructions – pdf format)


Worship Coordinator – Serves when an outside guest speaker or a member of the congregation is giving the sermon. In cooperation with the speaker, the Worship Leader coordinates planning for the entire service. She or he arranges for elements such as music, children’s story, etc., and determines which, if any, other parts of the service the speaker wishes to do. During the service he or she may act as moderator:  introducing hymns, calling for the offertory, indicating when the congregation should stand, and so on. Detailed suggestions are in the Guide.

Guide for Planning a Sunday Service – Mar 13 2013

(Worship, Arts and Music) Committee Representative – Committee members sometimes serve as Worship Assistant or Worship Coordinator, but to broaden participation, other members of the congregation are sometimes asked to fill these roles. If the Worship Coordinator is not a member of the Committee, a Committee member is assigned to make sure planning and preparation are proceeding adequately for all elements of the service. On the morning of the service, the Committee Representative should arrive early to monitor the situation, assisting with last-minute changes if necessary and making certain, for example, that the dais and candles are appropriately arranged.  It may not be necessary to stay through both services once it is known and agreed that the guest speaker and Worship Coordinator do not need help.