Join Cheryl Sabo for Moving Meditation – Let Your Yoga Dance!

yoga danceYogaDance is not so much about yoga or dance as it is about putting individuals in touch with their deep, spiritual inner truths through connection to their own primal energy system.  There are no ‘dance routines’ to learn or specific moves to master.  Rather, the teacher, certified YogaDance instructor Cheryl Sabo, leads a warm-up and movements, progressively honoring each of the 7 Chakras, to awaken and open the energy body.  Breathing, meditation, and post-class discussion deepen the practice.  No prior knowledge of yoga, dance, or the chakras is necessary to benefit from YogaDance.  Many styles of music are included, including favorite UU selections and special requests.  One recent YogaDance student described the class as “…spiritual and lots of fun!”  Class is appropriate for any fitness level, ages 16-97.

Funky chakra fusion, world music, spiritual practice and a great workout! UU songs, dances, meditations and more! No prior dance or yoga experience is required. Appropriate for any fitness level. Movements are highly adaptable for all bodies. Canned good donations for the UCM food pantry gratefully accepted. Contact Cheryl Sabo at

Tuesdays at 7:30PM
Chapel – Mount Vernon Unitarian Church
1909 Windmill Lane, Alexandria, VA

“The highest spiritual practice is self-observation with compassion” – Swami Kripalu.

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