Lifespan Spiritual Growth at MVUC continues to make adjustments to our programming in order to serve our whole community in the best way possible under the circumstances.

See This Week in Adult Re and This Week in Children & Youth RE for information about current and ongoing opportunities.

You Are Welcome Here! 

  • All Adult Religious Education classes are open to anyone aged 16 and up unless otherwise designated.
  • Lifespan Spiritual Growth programs are committed to using inclusive language. To find out more about this, or if you have a suggestion, contact the Director of Lifespan Spiritual Growth Ann Richards.
  • If you need help with either Realm or Zoom the two electronic services we use most frequently, please contact Jim Kerr.
  • For accessibility/inclusion questions, information and assistance for both adults and children, contact Director of Lifespan Spiritual Growth Ann Richards.

Adult Religious Education Announcements and Opportunities

The current list of Adult RE classes and opportunities is available here.

Religious Education For Children and Youth

Classes for those aged 6 months to 18 years are held on Sunday mornings, beginning in the Chapel with the rest of the congregation at 10 a.m.  After the story for all ages, children will go to their classrooms.

More information about classes for children and youth is available here and the current plans and schedule for this week are available here.

Please be sure to register your child for Religious Education at MVUC.