Looking Forward to Fall

In the Mid-Atlantic, we look forward to the transformation of autumn when the weather becomes bracing and refreshing, when the foliage breaks from monochrome to a vibrant range of colors, and our lives change routine with the end of vacations, the of start new classes, and the beginning of new jobs.

MVUC is also looking forward to a transformation on the hill with refreshing temperatures, colorful leaves and a change of routine.  And while change can be difficult, for this congregation it heralds the coming of bright new beginnings. 

In MVUC’s Lifespan Spiritual Growth program, we’re looking forward to some new programs as well as revisiting older ones with a new outlook.  Please join us for some wonderful new opportunities!

The Climate Rollercoaster
Sundays, Sept. 24-October 29 (excluding Oct. 1) at 11:30, Fireplace Room in Hollin Hall
Co-Sponsored by the Climate Action Team and Lifespan Spiritual Growth
Drop-in Participants Welcome.  Contact dlsg@mvuc.org for childcare needs by Sept. 10.  For more information, email martha63@me.com

Sept. 24. Hold on to Your Seats!
Starts at 11:45
The ups and downs of climate change – we will start heading down trying to make sense of all the dismal news on the climate front from a scientific perspective with scientist Mark Iredell and the ups of progress in renewables and new technologies with retired World Banker John Speakman.  Is what is happening enough to counter the problem and if not let’s talk about a solution.
Presenters: Mark Iredell, retired atmospheric scientist with NOAA and John Speakman, retired World Banker.
Moderator: Martha Dyckes

Oct. 8. Saving the Earth One Forkful at a Time: Can What you Eat Help Climate Change?
In 2011, the UUA adopted a Statement of Conscience on Ethical Eating, which notes “With gratitude for the food we have received, we strive to choose foods that minimize harm and are protective of the environment, consumers, farmers, and all those involved in food production and distribution.” This session will offer information on food related perspectives and encourage audience members to engage in discussion with members of our Plant Rich Diet Circle on our key question: Can What you Eat Help Climate Change?
Presenter: Linda Burke
Discussant: Barbara Jacobs
Moderator: Mark Tkach

Oct. 15. Greenwashing
What is the role of industry in the search for climate change solutions?  Looking at one local example this session will investigate claims of a “green” burning and its impact on local populations.
Presenter: Richard Roesel
Discussant: Katherine Fogden
Moderator: Heather Plank

0ct. 22. Climate Resilience
What is being done by our local government to address climate change?  Matt Meyers will bring us up to date on the work of Resilient Fairfax and the Community-wide Energy and Climate Action Plan, two local programs now in full swing.
Presenter: Doug Dyckes, Resilience Circle
Discussant: Matt Meyers, Resilient Fairfax/Office of Energy and Environmental Coordination
Moderator: Donna Gold

Oct. 29. Planning for Action!
A round table discussion moderated by John Speakman.  Panelists will offer suggestions of what we as individuals can do to promote safe responses to climate change as well as what we can accomplish as a group to reach climate action goals.

All attendees are encouraged to join the conversation.

What We Choose: Ethics for Unitarian Universalists – ***Note updated registration link***
Sundays Oct. 1- Dec. 10  2-4 p.m. (no class Nov. 26)  Fireplace Room in Hollin Hall

Development, clarification, refinement, and expansion of our ethical thinking often occur in the midst of crisis or in response to an event or relationship that calls our world view into question. However, this program offers an intentional process of engagement with others in examining ethical concepts, dilemmas, and questions to help participants clarify and expand their ethical understanding independent of a personal crisis. Participants examine how they have arrived at ethical positions that they hold dear. They explore new perspectives, identify areas for further questions and exploration, and perhaps more fully embrace ethical positions they reach through careful discernment. This program will deepen and expand participants’ knowledge and skills for a process of ethical reflection that is central to living our Unitarian Universalist faith.  Facilitated by Ann Richards.  For questions, contact dlsg@mvuc.org. Register at https://tinyurl.com/z6rd5k79

Contemplative Group 
Sundays, before service, 9-10 a.m., Hollin Hall, Sun Porch 

Deepen your spiritual life through contemplative practice with a supportive group. We begin with a reading from a spiritual tradition followed by a period of silent meditation, closing with a brief discussion of the reading and contemplative practice. Whatever your background and experience, you are welcome any Sunday and do not need to register in advance.  Contact: Ann Richards, dlsg@mvuc.org  This program is cosponsored by the Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council.