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Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council Charter

Mount Vernon Unitarian Church, Alexandria VA


  1. To encourage the lifelong journey of faith development
  2. To act as the coordinating body of all religious education committees
  3. To serve as a resource to the Lifespan Spiritual Growth (LSG) staff, offer encouragement and support to volunteers, guide the direction of the RE programs, and ensure that the desires and mission of the congregation in the area of religious education are met.


Standing council in the Lifespan Spiritual Growth program area.


Consists of a chair, one or more representatives from YRUU, and other interested members including parents. The Director of Lifespan Spiritual Growth, the Religious Education Assistant, and the Minister shall serve as advisory, non-voting members of the Council.  Subcommittees and task groups of the Council are created on an as-needed basis and dissolved when an issue has been addressed or an activity completed.


The LSG Council chair is subject to nomination and election by the Congregation and serves for a term of two years.  In addition to coordinating the activities of the LSG Council and its subgroups, the LSG chair serves on the MVUC Program Council and is the liaison with the Board; the Program Council; the Director of Lifespan Spiritual Growth; and the Minister.


1) The Council shall work with the religious education staff to develop and implement the goals and objectives of education programs at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church. In particular, the Council shall:

  • Provide guidance and administrative support to the Director of Lifespan Spiritual Growth in the selection and delivery of religious education programs at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church
  • Plan, evaluate, and publicize the course offerings and curriculum of religious education programs
  • Recruit, train and support teachers for religious education programs
  • Create, compile, and maintain policies and procedures manuals pertaining to religious education programs
  • Develop and implement social justice programs for children and youth, coordinating these efforts, as necessary, with other Mount Vernon Unitarian Church social action programs
  • Plan and hold intergenerational educational and social activities
  • Ensure that the programs and activities stay in concert with the desires of the congregation, the mission of the church, and the principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association

2) The Council shall serve as a liaison between the teachers, learners, parents; and the larger congregation in matters involving the religious education (RE) program at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church, Alexandria, VA.

3) The Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council serves as a resource for the Personnel Committee and the Minister to:

  • Analyze needs for Lifespan Spiritual Growth professional and support staff at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church and, as needed, initiate the creation or redefinition of specific employee positions
  • Assist with the development of job descriptions for the Director of Lifespan Spiritual Growth and any other LSG staff
  • Participate in an annual performance review of the Director of LSG
  • Make recommendations concerning staffing and salary decisions based on employee performance and UUA guidelines

4) Work with the Director of LSG to develop a recommended budget for the religious education program, including specific recommendations for expenditure of funds, and present its recommended budget to the Board in a timely fashion

5) Provide such reports and budget information as the Board of Trustees requires.



1) Authority to spend money up to the amount authorized by the Board in the annual budget

2) Authority to request Board approval for special fundraisers relating to the Religious Education program

3) Authority to spend money received from conducting intergenerational events for general program expenses


Reviewed and revised by the Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council in October 2016.  Submitted to the Program Council by Donna Gold, LSG Chair. Approved November 28, 2016.

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