Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council

The Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council (LSGC) is the body that works to encourage the lifelong journey of faith development, acts as the coordinating body of all religious education committees, serves as a resource to the Lifespan Spiritual Growth (LSG) staff, offers encouragement and support to volunteers, guides the direction of the RE programs, and ensures that the desires and mission of the congregation in the area of religious education are met.  Sub-committees include Our Whole Lives (human sexuality education program), Communications, Accessibility, and Adult Religious Education.  The council meets monthly, and is open to all.

2022-2023 members of the LSGC are:

Marty Bredeck, co-chair

Caroline Laise, co-chair

Claire Trivedi Brolin

Laurie Conner

Katherine Fogden

Anais Joubert

Sofia Meller

Jill Russo-Downey

Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council Charter

To read the LSGC Charter, click here. Most recently revised in 2016.