MVUC History Moment – Staying on the Hill

MVUC History – How Two Founding Members Kept Us Atop our Holy Hill
Contributed by Al Robbert

Longtime member Mike Walker recently unearthed correspondence he received in 2005 from one of MVUC’s founding members. In that correspondence from 1963, Mary Patricia Marshall relates how she and Joe Remington, another founding member, successfully argued against a proposal from a real estate developer to acquire our hilltop property in return for the church to acquire a plot at the intersection of Sherwood Hall Lane and Ft. Hunt Road and cash to be used toward construction of a church building.   Patricia attached the letter she and Joe sent to the congregation arguing against the deal on both economic and land quality considerations. In a congregational vote on the issue, the position put forth by Patricia and Joe prevailed. These two pieces of correspondence can be found at this link.  Our hilltop property remains deeply embedded in the character of our congregation, but this correspondence reveals how that might not have been.  

The name Joe Remington recurs throughout our history, which is why the Remington Chapel (our main meeting space) bears his name. Joe was the father of deceased member Sally Joy Remington, father-in-law of current member Joe Kitrosser, and grandfather of Joe and Sally Joy’s daughter Helen Joy Kitrosser. For more about the history of MVUC, including some of Joe’s other contributions, see the Our History page on the MVUC website.