Outdoor Fellowship Activities – Feb 24, March 23, April 6-7, May 4

Outdoor Fellowship is planning a hike on Feb. 24 at Mason Neck State Park, about 45 minutes south of MVUC off Rt. 1. Those who wish to carpool should be at MVUC by 10:00 am. We will convene at 11:00 am at the visitor’s center for a 15 minute briefing by a Park Ranger. We will then offer two possible hikes on well maintained trails. Optional lunch TBD.

The historic Old Town Alexandria walk-about has been rescheduled for March 23. In addition, there will be a weekend overnight sightseeing/bike/hike event in Lancaster Pa. on April 6-7, and an art-in-the-outdoors walk-about at Glenstone in Potomac Md. on May 4.

Note: reservations are requested for: Alexandria in March (RSVP to Judy Lohmann), Lancaster in April (RSVP to Bonnie Iredell); and Potomac in May (RSVP to Katherine Tobin).