Building on Mountains of Sand

Presenter: Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker

12/06/2020 10:00am

The best stories are old, told again and again with accumulating layers of excitement and bombast. But what happens when the original story is lost, yet we create truths upon their legend?

We are forming our stories now. Stories that form truth from a broad collection of voices who have endured so many tears and laughter…. Emerson’s view of the oversoul offered a way of knowing that was radically different than the white male educated leaders of Boston that he was living amongst.But the marginalized people who had been oppressed through the centuries? Not radical for them. Not one bit…. So here’s a truth I offer you. Reason logic and the pursuit of facts? They’re not mutually exclusive from deep, profound life-changing experience.Reason and logic are partners with myths and enduring truths. They should not crash in horrific battles over power.

Rev. Dr. Kate R. Walker