Deep and Wide: Our Seventh Principle

Presenter: Angela Hiebert

07/14/2019 10:00am

Our Seventh Principle, affirming the interconnected web of all existence, is unique to us among American religions and heartbreakingly relevant to our global problems today. Have we understood it in its depth and beauty?

Quiet Looking—-An Activity

We usually look at nature too quickly and without sufficient attention. You can experience a more meditative, prolonged look at nature by trying this activity:

First, find a partner. (Working with a partner enables both of you to offer witness and helps keep the activity on track.) You and your partner should then find a natural place.

You walk, look, and ONLY say to each other, “I see_____, or “I notice_____.”

This activity should be done for at least 15 minutes but can continue up to an hour.

You will find that it is a real eye-opening experience. Because we don’t usually do this, it may feel awkward at first. Persevere. And don’t become conversational.

Stay in the actual reporting of your immediate perceptions. This activity can put you in a place of deepened visual awareness and prepare you for the further deepened awarenesses and understandings that often follow.