Presenter: Eric Pourchot and Friends

09/06/2020 10:00am

“Imagine” – Eric Pourchot, Ger Fitzgerald, Linda Doyle, and virtual friends.
A mostly-music look at how we use imagination. Imagination leads to new ideas, new inventions, and new ways of seeing, which can make our world a better place. It can also be an escape. Taken to extremes, it can be a departure from reality altogether. Music can be a door into this realm of imagination, since many songs are built on metaphors and similes. Sing along to music by John Lennon, George Gershwin, Barenaked Ladies, Big Star, Elvis Costello, Rodgers and Hammerstein, The Posies, and Peter, Paul and Mary.

(Due to rights management and copyright issues, no video is available for this service.)