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Learning Through the Six Sources

Learning Through the Six Sources

Presenters: Lifespan Spiritual Growth Council
Date/Time: Sunday, May 19, 2019, 9:15am 05/19/2019 11:15am

Celebrate lifespan learning through the lens of the six sources of Unitarian Universalist faith. We’ll be recognizing our wonderful religious education teachers and exploring how education is a part of our community and our beliefs.

The recording from this service includes includes:
Homily – Source 5 by MVUC Member Kris Rosenthal; read by Rebecca Mordini
Anthem – Source 2 – “I Lift My Lamp” – words by Emma Lazarus (“The New Colossus”), music by MVUC member Steve Bogart, sung by MVUC Choir
Homily – Source 3 by MVUC Member Andrew Pedrick

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