"How the Light Gets In" – Alice King


Intern Minister Alice King explores this month’s transformational worship theme of Wholeness.

March 13 – 2016


“Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”

—Leonard Cohen


Welcome and Announcements Alice King, Intern Minister

*Introit: I Am in Need of Music                         MVUC Choir

Chalice Lighting/Opening Words: The Chalice Is a Symbol

Hymn No 360, Here We Have Gathered

Our Covenant (inside back flap of hymnal)

Time for All Ages Ann Richards?

Singing Our Children to Class

For you shall go out in joy / And come back in peace / Blessed be.

During our offering, we invite you to come forward in silence and light a candle to commemorate a joy or sorrow.

Music: In the Morning Light by Yanni  Yee Von Ng

Sharing Our Gifts♡ MVUC’s Partner Church Program

Meditation, Prayer & Silence: Meditation on Broken Hearts by Thomas Rhodes

Musical Response: No 1011, Return Again

Reading: We Are Whole by Beth Lefever    Jane Nelson

Anthem by Leonard Cohen  Ron Brandt

Sermon: How the Light Gets in Alice King

Closing Hymn
# No 1059, May Your Life Be as a Song
* No 1030, Siyahamba
Extinguishing the Chalice  (No    456)
We extinguish this flame but not the light of truth, the warmth of community, or the fire of commitment:
these we carry in our hearts until we are together again.

Benediction Postlude