Signs of Life Are Ahead


Join us for an Easter Sunday celebration of life in a multi-generational service.

Ingathering: How Can I Keep from Singing?        arr. Clif Hardin                       Mark Zimmerman

Introit: Easter Hymn              arr. David W. Music                                        Mark Zimmerman, Yee Von Ng

Chalice Lighting/Opening Words by Bettye A. Doty
▲Hymn No 269, Lo, the Day of Days Is Here
Anthem: My Soul Is Awakened       text by Anne Brontë, music by Brad Burrill                        MVUC Choir
The Story Begins: The Tiny Seed                       Ann Richards, Alice King
Anthem: I Am the Wind                                         MVUC Choir
Ancient Welsh text, music by Christopher Delp
The Story Continues
Anthem: All Good Gifts (from Godspell)          by Stephen Schwartz                               MVUC Choir
The Story Continues
Music: To Spring (Op. 43, No. 6)     by Edvard Grieg                                  Yee Von Ng
Sharing Our Gifts♡ MVUC’s Partner Church Program
Meditation, Prayer & Silence
Musical Response:
Hymn No 63, Spring Has Now Unwrapped the Flowers
Homily: Signs of Life Are Ahead                                  Rev. Walker
The Story Ends
▲Closing Hymn No 61, Lo, the Earth Awakes Again
Extinguishing the Chalice: No 456
Postlude: Voices of Spring (Op. 410)          by Johann Strauss, Jr.   Yee Von Ng