What If God Was All of Us? Making Meaning in a Wasteful World

Presenter: Rev. Diana Davies

01/28/2018 9:15am
01/28/2018 11:15am

Our commercial culture generates waste at an unprecedented level: garbage, certainly, but also wasted resources, plundered landscapes, and lives lost to poverty and violence. How do we live in a way that promotes creation, beauty, and complexity, while countering a culture of waste?

Rev. Diana Davies was recently ordained as a UU minister. She is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School, and she served as a student minister at First Unitarian Church of Baltimore. Rev. Davies is currently supporting the Unitarian Universalists of Charlestown (in Catonsville MD). Before entering seminary, she had a long career as a teacher of Russian and an international educator, most recently serving as Vice Provost for International Initiatives at Princeton University. She is bringing her international experience into her ministry through her work as an international education consultant for Meadville Lombard.